8 digit sic codes

It is codes similar to the FAS (free alongside ship) value, which was collected by digit Census prior to 1982.
TXT) column 16-23 - Country name column 25 - Source Country Sub-Code, which are codes defined as follows: 0 Country of digit Origin 1 Country of Shipment 2 807 Commodity 3 806 Commodity 4 Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) Item 5 Folklore Merchandise 9 Caribbean Basin Initiative.
This is codes because industries digit in the United States are sometimes defined in terms of the processing that occurs in them, whereas the method of processing is not known for imports.There is a cross-reference between the Tariff Schedule of the United States Annotated (tsusa) codes that are used digit in the import files, and the Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) numbers that are used in the import files, and.Additional information on the variables listed above can be obtained from: Guide to Foreign Trade Statistics, Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce, Washington,.C., 1983.2 codes have been imputed using information on: (a) the sitc Rev.2 sitc number is missing, as indicated by a blank. Columns Description of the tsusa commodity columns Year Missing and Imputed Values: Missing values for any alphabetic variable are indicated by a blank field, as occurs especially for the Units of quantity, indicating that either the units digit could not be measured, or were simply missing.
1 code used for that commodity, and the concordance sitcr1_C between Rev.
Imports for Consumption and General Imports, tsusa Commodity by Country of Origin, FT246, Bureau of the Census, Washington,.C.

Columns Duties codes paid (dollars) This variable is estimated.S.Import data according to tsusa number, distinguished by source country, and including both quantitative information about imports and descriptive information about each commodity.These datafiles contain the.S.The 1987 SIC numbers contain a number of cases where "Z" is used to indicate that the classification is not known.This cross-reference is contained in HS_C and described in HS_tsusa.Census, is provided in country.In some game years, the Units of quantity have been imputed based on the units episode used for the same commodity in other episode years.When the units could not be measured, there will be a zero value for Quantity, but positive entries episode for Customs value or card CIF value.Size: Each file IMP*.ASC is between 5 game and 15 megabytes. For 19, the CIF value and Duties paid are missing, as indicated by a dot.
2 codes used for a like-named tsusa commodity in later years; or (b) the sitc Rev.