O Biology OCR o Chemistry OCR o Physics OCR o btec Applied Science Edexcel/Pearson, hOW CAN parents help?
They are all specialists in their own field (Biology, Physics and Chemistry) as well as being well qualified to teach gcse all aspects of additional Science lower down the school.
All Alevel courses have a series of Must Do practicals that must be completed and recorded in the provided lab book.
Ensuring pupils have the correct the equipment including 30 cm rulers and calculators will ensure they are able to access the curriculum.Thank you very much to those who have used this, revision especially the few dedicated enough to get over a million.Parents can assist in a number of ways.There is also a highly committed and efficient group of 3 laboratory technicians who enable us to deliver a practically based curriculum.The Science Department is comprised of 15 highly motivated and skilled practitioners.Try to avoid inspirational influences picked up on television or over the internet (as we all know that CSI does not really represent the true role of a forensic scientist!).The gcse Separate Sciences textbook contains three modules (longer than gcse the modules in gcse Science and gcse Additional Science B7 science Biology across the ecosystem C7 Chemistry for a sustainable world gcse P7 Observing the Universe These modules taken as well as B1-3 and B4-6, C1-3 and.KEY stage 3, pupils follow a general Science course (Biology, Chemistry and Physics usually taught by one or two members of staff. In order to complete practical work safely, all pupils will need to wear a protective overall.
KEY stage 5, in the sixth form all three sciences are offered at AS and A2 level.

The courses are made particularly relevant in episode the context of todays society and discussion game is positively encouraged.Head of Biology - Mrs Fornear and Ms Vuong (acting).Students can choose to take Combined or Separate Science.Gcse Science version is studied by all pupils starting in year.Head of Science - Mr John Bayes.KEY stage 4 (G.C.S.E.)exam board: AQA.There is no full coursework for gcse Science.Included with patrol each studio of the Teacher and Technician Guides is a patrol mini iPack CD-ROM, which includes electronic versions of the lesson plans and activity sheets, along with a selection of video clips, animations, and PowerPoint presentations. Accompanying the textbooks is a comprehensive range of resources: Workbooks for the whole of each separate science course, which can be used for homework and provide the student with a set of summary notes to help with revision.
Finally, it is helpful if you can mention any skills area that you feel you have that you have particular strength, such as working out organic chemistry mechanisms, and reflect on any areas of development this can show a realistic outlook to your educational development.

Students will study additional science chemistry gcse revision Biology, Chemistry and Physics with a specialist teacher.
Participating in Core practicals is a required element of gcse Science.