GameSpy: In certain cases doubleclicking a game armies in the Custom Game List resulted in an immediate crash exigo to desktop.
armies GameSpy: When switched to desktop exigo or to another program AoX is automatically put in the foreground on GameSpy game starting.New trigger: "NumOnProducedEntityType" in group "Basic CommandsEntity With this trigger the user can query the number of units being armies trained in a given location.In some cases positional combat sound was too extreme.Rain of Fire now do 320 fire damage over 20 sec (instead of 480 damage over 20 sec).In multiplayer patch games, players were able to see their enemies mining gem on unexplored areas.Towers can not shot when affected by Defile.# Armies of Exigo - Patch.2b (12/10/04). Autocast armies removed from Mana Depletion.
When a remote player exited from a replay in multiplayer mode, remaining players received the wrong armies message xy has been defeated.
(Now it is the same as doubleclicking on the player's own units.) - After loading a saved game a crash occurred when the player attempted to use Cave Entrance to travel between the two levels of the map.

Removed best converter unnecessary items from the loreo HUD of referees and observers.Lightning Spire: - Attack range reduced to 10 (from 11).GameSpy: Advanced and more intelligent matchmaking.Move speed increased to 380 (from 400).Scenairo Editor: Users were able to remove triggers from the Trigger Editor's right side obiettivo static tree structure.Trolls in stone form regenerate HPs faster (4hp/sec).Bone Armor research: - Wood cost removed.Scout Tower: - Requires a Barrack.Damage Decreased to 14 (from 15).Killer Reflexes research: - Research Time increased to 140 (from 120).Harpy: - Mana regeneration (1/5sec max mana (50) and mana cost of Confusion (35mana) changed but overall effectiveness remains the same. Detector buildings while being constructed internet were able to see internet enemy invisible control units.
In some cases players received a "Revealing players" message with no actual reason.
In Empire Campaign Mission 3 Tightening the Noose an ingame movie Liberating control the village contained too many empty spaces.