Wallys Answer: Safe mode is used when your computer mode wont start Windows normally.
Any idea how to get my boot menu back?
It is normally on the wont side of your disc tray or on your computer safe keyboard.
Doing so invokes a pop-up menu.Is this article up to date?If you do not suspend BitLocker protection, then you will safe be asked for your recovery key to continue booting into safe mode.Its called safe mode because in this mode the computer loads windows minimum programs and device drivers in hopes that Windows will load successfully.5, hold down Shift and click Restart.Do so immediately after your computer begins to turn.If You Need Additional Support on This safe Issue Then Please Dont Hesitate To Contact Me On Facebook.This action will launch the boot menu, which is a black screen with white text.Driver tab click Roll Back Driver (this button should be available mode if you recently upgraded the driver) Safe Mode start with Internet Repeatedly press the F8 key when the computer starts and from the options, select Safe Mode with Networking.Question Without antivirus, are computers able to remove viruses in safe mode?Safe Mode, or, safe Mode with Networking.This process will restart your computer and open the Advanced Options page.Since that method of fixing important Windows files is non-destructive, make certain that you've tried that before the completely destructive, last-resort clean install in this step. 3 Repeatedly press.

No, an antivirus is start essential.Now, you should be able to use the internet while in safe wont mode.If you have more than one Windows operating system then you will see the dual boot screen, extended highlight city the operating system that you want antilogarithm to start in Safe Mode and press.Do windows so by pressing your computer's power computer button.What is Safe Mode?You can also restart your computer by clicking the Windows logo in the bottom-left corner of the screen, clicking the power icon, and clicking Restart.Question Where is Function Key?If you can avoid causing the same problem again then there's nothing more to do and everything should be fine. You need to use a bootable disk or storage stick with emergency startup and repair software.