Unlike other Counter-Strike games, Condition zero Zero also contains a single-player mission pack with the player playing as zero counter-terrorist alongside bots.
For the multiplayer fans out there, you can only play Condition maps Zero online through Valves Steam service, which is more than up to condition the task.
Its most likely worth a purchase only if found in your local bargain bin.Overall: 6, a bargain-bin purchase at best.In other words, if the player starts your mission with a difficulty of «normal the Normal.InitialPoints: The number of Reputation condition Points the player starts the game with.This section defines how many total Reputation Points the player must have to «unlock» each cost level of teammate.The gameplay for pack Counter Strike: Condition Zero follows that of the original Counter Strike.See the «Defining a Location (Maps section for more information.As you score more kills, save more hostages, and defuse (or plant) bombs, you earn cash to buy weapon upgrades and ammo.The mission objectives are typically simplistic kill this target or kill this target with this weapon affair, and wont tax your gaming skills terribly much. The bots in this game feature pretty good intelligence, and even play a little like real human players.
If you have some deep-seated urge to play Counter-Strike all alone, well, Condition Zero might be the game for you.
CostAvailability: Each teammate has a Reputation Point cost, condition from 1 to.

And after years of setup waiting, Counter Strike fans have their new title, Condition Zero, and condition franklyit wasnt worth the wait.You play as a member of either the terrorist or zero counter terrorist team.Which side you choose determines the weapons available to you.For example, a pair of numbers such as «4» and «15» means that the player must have at least 15 Reputation Points to unlock cost 4 teammates.Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (CZ or zero CS:CZ) is a multiplayer video game and the follow-up to Counter-Strike.Since fans cant get enough Counter Strike, Valve made the decision to build a single-player mission-based version of the game.It screams late 90s era graphics and sound, condition and is sure to make most modern gamers cringe.These requirements include targets such as "kill 3 enemies with a Bullpup" or "win a round in 60 seconds".Presentation-wise, this is one very dated looking game.Vdf file will be read. If youve never heard of Counter Strike, then youve probably never hung out in an online games forum.
There arent any special or new multiplayer maps, however, so dont expect anything fresh to test your skills against.
The idea behind Condition Zero was to offer a single-player Counter Strike experience, which the developers managed to do, but they didnt do anything special with.