Whatever the drama perceived beauty of God's creation Nur will draw.
Graduate degree from Al-Azhar University, Cairo is guided by the principle of "Work for the world your as you live forever, and work for eternity as if you die tomorrow." Aidil has vast knowledge drama in episode religion.
Aidil who was studying.She continued living a lie for five years, completing her degree and working in an architectural firm in Kuala Lumpur.Aidil kasih is a son and brother, who is willing to put aside the happiness of family and self for the sake of his family.When Katrina graduated, she want to become a lecturer.As a result, Katrina lost her baby and Adam was sentenced to prison.All was good in the southern hemisphere, but tragedy strikes when in the eighth month of pregnancy where episode Adam and Katrina gets into a car accident ( drama brought on by Adam's drunk driving kasih kasih ).A firm believer in light of the principle there is no success without resistance, there is no happiness without sadness.The good and obedient daughter of Imam Abu Bakar.5 The series was internationally known by Malaysians around the world. She was born in Sydney, Australia is furthering her studies at the University of Sydney, Australia, in the arts.
Adam was little rebellious and not listening to his parents.
He eventually proposes to Katrina, who had no clue that he had been married previously.

With a height of 5'9" and weighing 73 kg Adam cd-r is full very interested by kasih the village girls.In Malaysia, the brothers return home to cd-r their dying father.Attitude teasers, romantic and affectionate at Katrina that made Adam attracted.Although Adam was not close to his products father, he always respected his mother; his favourite food is shrimp sauce, cooked by his mother.Adam is grumpy cd-r and frequently lashes out at his family, blaming them for his being stuck in a village.Aidil Ustaz Hassan final will is more important than his feelings to Nur Amina.Aidil has high character and very responsible.We see the doctor telling him that he does not have long to live and to prepare for his going; the family calls their sons back home.Tiz Zaqyah ) and Siti Sarah ummi Nazeera ).Unwilling to bring shame to her family, Nur decides that she will leave the village and deceive her parents by saying she has gone to Australia but actually going to Kuala Lumpur.Contents, synopsis edit, nur Kasih is a story of two brothers, Aidil (Fizz Fairuz) and Adam (Remy Ishak who are polar opposites: the former is a pious man who is respectful to his parents while the latter drama is a lost soul, living. Katrina loves Adam and is willing to do anything for him.