excel 5.0 object library

Not to say library you won't get help here.
Hey, I'm just reaching here but its obviously more difficult to troubleshoot when we can't excel duplicate the problem.You're using a far-out-of-date form of Office Interop.Other than that, you might do better in excel one of the VB6 excel forums linked to in John Oliver's post at the top of this forum. .What do you get?Workbook, dim ws, as, excel.Excel 2016 for Mac Word 2016 for Mac Word for Mac 2011 Excel for Mac 2011 PowerPoint for Mac 2011 PowerPoint for Mac.Those folks who, for whatever reason, keep on trying to make stuff out of VB6 have to deal with these types of "unknown" problems. .Type "Print urce" with a return.Worksheet itialDirectory "D object lter "Excel files.xls.xls" lterIndex 1 storeDirectory True owDialog TextBox1.Text leName app CreateObject( "Excel.Note: you can use the Organizer to transfer object those macros to a shell (blank) project file for later reinstating or you can save your whole Global to a separate excel location and go with a regenerated default object Global.Do you have any other macros in the subject file or in your Global? Available References, click, browse, and then find the object library that you want.
First, a simple approach.

Matt, Unfortunately the linux message associated with an error is most often to firefox cryptic to be popup of any use to the casual user, or even to those of us who have worked with VBA for many years.The description should be the message you saw originally.Instead linux of "RefChk try something else).You can popup select another application's objects that you want available in your code by setting a reference to that application's object library.When it hits the breakpoint use F8 to manually step firefox through to the next statement.Maybe Rod or Jan, if he joins the thread, will have some templates other suggestions.Never can tell what someone might recall.Do they use a reference to the Excel object library?I'm not sure about the syntax you're trying to use when setting the value and I'm not sure what the.0 method is expecting for GetRange.Perhaps someone there would recognize this. Make the Developer tab visible below if it's not open.
Open (TextBox1.Text).
Application' is not defined.