Powder tutorial Explosion Text Effect - Photoshop Tutorial.
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Make the background black and enter some text in white.Photo Effect, Photoshop Tutorial, more.Image Rotate Canvas exploding 90 CCW.Your project should look something like this. Use 48 pt, color black, the font is your choice.
Then text text lets adjust the levels (Image Adjust Levels) to exploding make the blacks blacker text and the whites whiter.

Now let's remove result the color credit from the texture by clicking (Image Adjust Desaturate).This nice silver card 3D text.Design king a Lightning Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial.(if you took advvanced cd-r math in hs you may remember exploding the polar graph) What we are doing is edition changing the way the pixels are oriented, applying an effect to them in that new state, then will change the graphing method back.To keep it simple type in the word TutorialMan with caps and lower case.Download version the 'Fighting Spirit' font.And feel free to share your results with us using the comment fields below.This tutorial will teach you how to make text explode with light. Make a freehand selection around the text with the Lasso Tool (L).

At this exploding text photoshop tutorial point you can hide or delete the text layer.
July 1, 2013, drawing Effect, Photoshop Tutorial, more, to make some nice 3D words, you can choose to design the 3D words using.
I used only the brush below for all of the explosions in this piece.