freak the freak out episode

André then asks her to episode get freak him one, but if you look at the table, André already has one.
Trina: Tosses Tori's episode phone on the couch I wasn't!Cat :.That is so not tight!André: (To Beck) She can be a gank.When Beck, André and Robbie come to Tori's freak house, Tori's hair is all messed up, but between camera angles a piece of her hair keeps on changing position, with freak no time for her to move.This is the second episode of Victorious to show blood.Tori: Okay, open your mouth.After Cat freak and Jade's performance when they sit down to eat, Jade is picking up her soda.Beck, Jade, freak André, and Cat all express their outrage of the competition being fixed, but even with other crowd freak members booing his call, it only results in Cat and Jade being banned from ever singing there again. Jade : You know, you might wannabe shutting your face there.

Type: Serie, quality: HD, episode length: 30 minutes.Christie, one of the Northridge girls, may be a reference to Sam from iCarly.Tori uses a different voice when episode she says, "Me?" after Hayley challenges her then when she talks onstage.However, she could have just taken them and romance left Tori's review house to make sure Beck wouldn't try and go after them.Another shot of Tori from The Great Ping Pong Scam is shown.Jade: I told you to bring her donuts!When Tori and Trina get back from the dentist, kankar it is unknown how they got surveys home.Jade: Last night we went to Karaoke Dokie.As soon as the camera episode view changes, they're game sitting and watching as if they weren't standing.Tori: You have to take it or you'll get an infection. Doty" - a reference to writer George Doty IV Stage Fighting/Wi-Fi In emulator the Sky" and a few other Nick shows).
They challenge Cat and Jade to a sing-off.

She refused to take freak the freak out episode her antibiotic and when I forced her to take it she started swinging on me so I had to do that!
Tori: Like Jade-level mean?
As of January 2, 2011, this is the first episode of Victorious to reach #1 on the overall charts on iTunes.