The unregistered version of this cute shareware game allows 20 plays of the gold first five levels, game in either Tournament or Time gold Trial mode.
Although controlling the game character with the keyboard is slightly difficult, a hamster game controller makes the action more manageable.
Take control of a hamster in a ball and game go a-rollin' through fifteen of the craziest obstacle courses you've ever seen!Expert navigators might zip through the first five levels, but most folks will have a grand time running that ball poor hamster like crazy.So load up on hamster treats and get ready for a ride that's as addictive as it is unique.With no opponents or tricky passages, the first stage lets you get a feel for controlling the rodent, but the difficulty soon picks.With zany obstacles popping up around every turn it's going to be a wacky ride through this rollicking adventure.Hamsterball has a well-developed style of its own, with unique colors and thematic elements that distinguish each level.Also, you can't manipulate the 3D environments, so sometimes hamster you won't be able to see your little guy completely.But be careful, because the clock is ticking and everything and everyone is out to stop you! Multiplayer races and party games!

System requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista, directX 7 733 MHz 256 MB RAM, resolution: 800x600 Fullscreen/Windowed.Each stage has a providers time release limit, and any leftover seconds carry over to the next level, but once the timer hits zero you're one dead hamster.Download Game Hamster Ball Gold.6 m/lufriregybreju e416df5c1e the book of eli download free mini game maps minecraft download hp laserjet p1102 printer free download pmp exam preparation rita mulcahy free download download photos apple computer ipad hindi movie mawali songs download download juniper router.You can play its five stages at full three difficulty levels: Pipsqueak, Normal, and Frenzied.Fifteen unique courses, multiplayer party games, three skill levels, amazing musical soundtrack, high scores, and more!Play antilogarithm with mouse, extended joystick, keyboard, or trackball! Roaming eight balls, snapping gold mousetraps, and smashing hammers are just a few of the obstacles to avoid.
In the grand tradition of Marble Madness game and Super Monkey Ball, Hamsterball lets you roll a protagonist through a series of wacky mazes, all the while avoiding deadly obstacles and navigating treacherous precipices.
Game features: Fifteen unique race courses, at three skill levels!