I manual went back to a detector Whites detector and it pinpoints right on every time.
Coins) produce a unique bell tone signal, medium conductivity targets such as jewelry or nickels, produce a standard-pitched audio signal and low conductivity targets such as iron or nails produce a low-pitch audio signal.
I highly reccomend this to any beginner and hope you have as much fun with this machine as.
Access and replace the garrett batteries manual by gently sliding manual the manual cover off the control housing.Nothing much, but it seems to really be a good machine for the money.Well, here is my report.The metal detecting conditions at the hunt metal site were more favourable for Ace 250 than any other detector participating in the hunt, and the results were fruitful.Feb 24, 2008 Great Detector for Beginners by Ales' in Polatsk, Vitebsk region, Belarus - I have used Garrett Ace 250 for two manual years. About a year later, my XP broke down, so I was looking for a not too expensive detector, and my mate sold me the 250 and he bought the sport-pack version with the larger coil.

My companion, she had never used a metal detector before, scored more finds than the guys with Minelab Explorers and even one portable E-Trac!(though I starting still want IT LOL) Bottom line, the ACE 250 fingerprint with PP is ALL you will really Need.Garrett quality features like the, graphic Target ID Cursor, Coin Depth Indicator Sensitivity, Depth Adjustment, Tone ID Clear Tone Speaker, Interchangeable Ace Series Search Coils.Targets larger full than a coin may display shallower than actual depth, while targets smaller than a coin may display deeper than actual depth.It has all the features that those expensive models have.I checked with one guy an he was trying to sell me a White's (I don't remember the exact model).Digging about 5 inches down, I found a man's 14k tomtom white gold ring.Discrimination: Accept/Reject Notch, battery Condition Indicator, coin Depth Indicator.Don't be turned down by its yellow colour, it is a great machine!As long as it is 4 inches or less, I can shove the plugger into the ground and come up with the target in the plug.For more details and operational tips please screen read my complete review (copy the link divina and paste it in your browser window tml Mar 06, 2010 Poor Pinpointing by Steve Lynch in st louis mo - Garrett Ace 250 is a pretty good model but the. Low Battery Indicator will turn.
By Mark in Baytown, Texas - I bought my ACE 250 about 3 weeks ago on starting eBay.

It is a very light Machine.
Once it's figured out, it will hit the garrett ace 150 metal detector manual target dead on everytime.
It also isn't able to pinpoint objects well.