gta v title update 1.30

Fixed an issue that caused red or white flashes during rain particle effects on certain PC hardware configurations.
If youre taking update heavy fire you can tag in one of update your teammates, but remember, this only ends one way title and its you or them.Flag War (2-16 update Players two teams, two flags, one objective: update whats yours is mine, and whats mine stays mine.One team takes to the Arena in monster trucks capable of crushing metal and bone into the same bloody dust.Notes, update.03, notes, update.04.In Hot title Bomb, one player has the bomb, and the only way to get rid of it is by crashing into someone else.The damage and accuracy of the AP Pistol have been slightly reduced to bring it in line with similar automatic weapons.Fixed an issue where Issi and T20 were delivered in a different shade of color than ordered.The Arena allows players to participate in the following Arena War Modes which are new vehicular based title game types set inside the Arena: Carnage (2-16 Players theres no need to overcomplicate things: Americans have always known how to have good, old fashioned, rats-in-a-sack, murder-orgy fun.Further weapon rebalancing tweaks have been made based on community feedback.It has already been added to the template to incorrectly appear Fixed incorrect naming for some vehicles in the Transform Race Creator Fixed issues that caused various vehicles in the Creator to have blank names Fixed an issue that resulted in the message You have.Fixed an issue where the radio in Spectator Cam for Races wouldnt play.Here Come the Monsters (2-16 Players).Fixed an issue where the titles of Snapmatic photos taken in the Rockstar Editor would show the incorrect location. Fixed an issue that caused the first person camera to not rotate with the rolling player when landing from a fall with a weapon equipped.
This is the title update.46 to add Arena Wars DLC for GTA Online on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Fixed an issue with bicycles during the Hold the Wheel Freemode Event that could incorrectly report the vehicle as destroyed sociopath and end the Event.Fixed several issues with Spectator Mode during Jobs.Hot Bomb (2-16 Players life isnt about holding auto onto good things, its about passing them.Fixed an issue where some players were unable to bring up the Expanded Radar after dying in a One on One Deathmatch.Earlier, Rockstar Games teased audiobook that a new Mad Max style mode was making its way to GTA Online.Fixed title an issue that caused session invitations sent to other players currently using the Rockstar Editor to not show the player as blocked.New Features / Updates PS4, Xbox One and PC Only 2 new player actions have world been added to GTA Online: update crime Champagne Drinking, this requires the purchase of champagne door from the VIP spectating area. Let the games begin.
Fixed an issue with The Highest Speed Challenge that prevented the current attempt counter from updating in real-time.
New Content PS4, Xbox One and PC only.