Background-color, the changing property background-color defines the background color for the element.
Here's how the final line of code should look like: p style"color:blue" content /p.If the browser does not support the first font, it tries the next font, and.We recommend using separate.Note: On computer screens, sans-serif fonts are considered easier to read than serif fonts.The size can be calculated from font pixels to em using this code formula: pixels /16 em Example h1 font-size:.5em; 40px/162.5em h2 font-size:.875em; 30px/161.875em p font-size:.875em; 14px/160.875em Try it Yourself » In the example above, the text size in em is the same.Font style refers to whether the font is presented in italics or normal.In the previous lessons, we looked at CSS properties that allow you to change the color of the text, add a shadow to it, code align it and add an underline, changing overline to it, or even cross out.Monospace, courier New, lucida Console, all monospace characters have the same width.1em is equal to the current font size.Use tag style to define attributes for multiple elements in html code.The CSS font-family property allows you to change the default font.They are not very code widespread, are not available on all computers and are rarely used in web design.It'll change html text color for your document. Many people associate them with newspaper articles.
It's not required when there's only one style, html but it's a good habit to start.
In html, font style is specified using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

This property can align your text to the edition left, right or quickbooks center.Even advanced developers don't use that fingerprint much of style inline CSS.All CSS Font Properties Property Description font Sets all the font properties in one declaration font-family Specifies dummies the font family grammar for text font-size Specifies the font size of text font-style unikey Specifies the font style for text font-variant Specifies whether or not a text should.p p class"exsansserif" A paragraph that uses the Arial font.CSS properties are used in property/value pairs.However, the converted uppercase letters appears in a smaller font size than the original uppercase letters in the text. Because of the inline style, an html document can look untidy and become hard to read and understand.