Finally, the analysis of limit cycles is thoroughly elaborated using describing control functions. .
Analysis and synthesis techniques from nonlinear the class will be applied to the problem.Noohi, A New Vector Control Method for Sensorless Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Without Velocity Estimator, in the proceeding nonlinear of the ieee International Workshop on Motion Control, Slovenia, July 2002.Nonlinear controllability, feedback linearization, input-state and input-output linearization, zero dynamics.Khalkhali, Design and implementation of the computer control system of casting Robot D A 101, in the proceeding of 10 International Conference control of Mechanical Engineering, Tehran, June 2002.6 Applied Nonlinear khalil Control,.J.Examples from robotics, satellite and underwater vehicles, compressors nonlinear and combustion.Abrishamchian, Parametric and Nonparametric Identification and Robust Control of a Rotational/Translational Actuator, In Proceedings of The Fourth International Conference on Control and Automation (icca'03. Miroslav Krstic, 1808 ebui, 822-1374, Texts: Khalil, Nonlinear Systems, control Prentice Hall, 1995.
Input-state and Input-output stability.

Disturbance attenuation for nonlinear systems, deterministic and stochastic, nonlinear H-infinity control.To evaluate control the expertise of the student in control analysis and synthesis, a thorough and comprehensive power design task is performed by them as a term project using.Digital system characteristics: Controllability and observability, stability, Jury test.Damak, university of Sfax Tunisia,.Ghabcheloo, Electromagnetic levitation system: An experimental approach, Proceedings business of the 7th international Conference on Electrical Engineering, Power System Vol, pp crack 19-26, May 1998, Tehran.Khalil: required Textbook,.K.The tentative course contents are words as following: Time: Teaching crack Contents, week 1, introduction: Sampled-data control systems, sample and hold, sampling modeling, data reconstruction, Shannon theorem, aliasing.1 Discrete-time control systems, Ogata, Prentice Hall, QA402.04, 1987. Hammami, A power separation principle of time-varying dynamical system: A practical approach, Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, 12 (2007.