nvidia shield portable 2 release date

Its been several years since Nvidia introduced its portable Android console, the original Nvidia Shield, and CES has come and gone without news of a follow-up device.
Miracast is no longer supported, updates Twitch app with release latest version.The casing and controls have been given minor tweaks, notably with a revamped center control module with capacitive buttons.Text confirms 5GHz Wi-Fi and a revision of Bluetooth with Low Energy capacity, and photos of the various internal boards show a MicroSD card slot, headphone jack, and what might be an hdmi port, all of which were present on the original shield.But don't hope too hard - it seems at least as release likely as not that we won't ever see this device shield on store shelves.New certification documents published by the Federal Communications Commission and spotted by a member of the dedicated shield subreddit show what's undeniably a new shield Portable.The console, code-named loki_e_wifi, is powered by a nvidia Tegra quad-core processor (1.91 GHz A57) which, according to the leaked manual, is a Tegra.The device was probably slated for launch around mid-2015 or early 2016 before it was shelved.Fixes a bug that does not allow books to be read in the Google Play Books app.That said, were sure the company shield has made some notable upgrades, with with the Tegra K1 from the Shield nvidia date Tablet or the X1 from the companys Android TV device likely to be running the show.Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter.Nvidia Shield Portable. Optional update This software upgrade updates shield Portable date to Android.1.

Nvidia seems committed to a set-top box format and words Android TV platform for its shield brand, revealing a slightly tweaked model of the power device at CES as the first major hardware revision in a year and a half.FwrigginRwootbeer got his hands on a nvidia Shield Portable 2 prototype after a trip to his local pawn shop and took to /r/Android and /r/theNvidiaShield to share some finding information and pictures of the device.Back in January, news came in that finding a nvidia Shield Portable refresh was being worked on by nvidia.Unfortunately the documentation doesnt provide any information about the new Shields internal hardware, so we dont know what Nvidia has packed into the portable console.This site is protected by recaptcha and the Google.Source: /u/FwriggenRwootbeer on Reddit, want more posts like this delivered to your inbox?Some other features have been seemingly confirmed by the documents, including 5GHz Wi-Fi and a new version of Bluetooth with Low Energy capacity.The shield Portable was a niche product even when it launched, and the market for Android-powered gaming hardware has only become more bleak since then - the shield Tablet and shield Android TV are pretty much the only gaming-focused Android devices that have been critical.Privacy Policy and, terms of Service apply.The device, which looks to use games the same controller with a flip screen as the original, was spotted by a member of the dedidcated.The lucky owner is on Reddit answering questions about the device and even looking for potential buyers!After over half a year without news of any kind, its safe to say that the project was shelved. As part of this update, several apps and features that are not supported on Android.1 will be removed, finding including: Sonic 4, Episode II, Expendable: Rearmed, Android Browser, and Miracast.