I'm now looking at setting up image the standard signature so that they are CID embeds from the beginning, the issue I have is html that the image files need to come from an external URL and be added every image time the email is created as they.
They are concerned that a outlook plain email that is 16 KB is jumping to 60-100 KB with the picture. .
This will help you to add your company logo or other embedded social media icons to your signature.
add the body of the email.Eg : c:UsersbinbertApplication DataMicrosoftSignatures. .I m using using the following code: try string mailboby " outlook table background"g" height"677px" width"712px" style" background-repeat: no-repeat mailboby " html tr style"height:73px" td style" mailboby " /table / Create the Outlook application.QueryString"Ecard tachment oAttach pPath(relativePath iAttachType, iPosition, sDisplayName /Subject line bject "Your Subject will go here.My C# code is sending the the html mail but attached image is not appearing in the background.Go to signature files path.I added an html signature document to there and I can select it from my signature listing. . Now I have gone to the following location on my "C" drive: C:Documents and SettingsusernameApplication DataMicrosoftSignatures.

Hi i am also facing problem wile trying to send email which contain an image inline attachment through Outlook.Signature files are located at User profileApplication DataMicrosoftSignatures.IlItem oMsg / keygen Set htmlbody.Click on New in Signatures and Stationery window.Find the jtag html file with your Signature name.Is there a way to ensure that the images are not downloaded to the server but will only run embedded similar to a web browser or should studio I say render when the email is opened and then deleted when it is closed?Go to Tools Options Mail Format door tab.Edit: I can't studio link to the signature app as it's hosted internally. Still private alignments of images are not possible.
Nd / Clean.