Others smacked into revolving doors, crashed their cars or accidentally pokemon walked off pokemon cliffs.
Pokemoning in a minefield, this really has happened.
A group pokemon chat option is available as well.City officials have organized a committee that is attempting to opt out of game the game by petitioning Niantic.Its noise-related, theyre leaving their garbage around.You start by seeing an overhead map game of wherever you game are, with place-markers and animations of ruffling leaves. Pokemon Go players around you.
Pokestops and gyms in the area, making it a natural hotspot for drinking the popular augmented reality mobile game.
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Its going to be around for a effects long time.The game is Pokemon Go, and it's been a massive hit testversion since it was released earlier this month.Which friends brings me to the point: It's only fun until someone gets hurt.Let us know your take in drinking the comments below!Its been a drain on the police resources.One player hit a tree nearly head on, but was lucky to walk away with just a few scratches.It's all possible because of this new technology called augmented reality, where computers and the real world mix in ways that seemed like sci-fi just a few years ago.Just testversion like the game, season projects the chat app is also location-based and allows you to talk.Earlier this month, an app named GoChat was launched and tried to serve the same purpose.Another wreck was filmed by a police body-camera, which captured a distracted driver hitting a parked police car in Baltimore, Maryland. The city-appointed committee is petitioning Niantic to remove game functionality from the city, but so far the developers have not responded to requests.
To be fair to Niantic, which makes the game, includes a warning in the app that cautions players to "be alert at all times" and "stay aware of your surroundings." The company also said in a statement that people should not to put themselves.

Fortunately, the cops were standing outside the car when it happened.
Some pokemon drinking game app people haven't taken that message to heart, giving me the chance to put together this list of all wrong ways to play Pokemon.
About 5,000 people in the US still die every year from crashes that occur while they're typing or reading on their phones.