Many Thanks Rob -.s if the image doesnt load right click and choose show picture then it should load.
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Now excel I am trying to create a scatter graph of which I have never done.Scatter sudoku plot solver generator puzzle sudoku puzzle.Hope someone can assist me if it is possible.X is in the range.4-19.2 and y plot is 0-20000.Thanks Ket (PS I am using excel 2K on Windows 2K) Ket - plot You must select the bottom two rows of your data, then select an XY plot Scatter chart type.Macs, laptops, PCs, smartphones, and tablets.How would I go about changing the background colors of some of my list-view items - any ideas? I need to draw a simple XY scatter plot, I opening this file and try to use plot split function Do Until EOF(TestFileNumber) Line Input #TestFileNumber, TempStr If TempStr " Then 'Do nothing excel Else ReDim Preserve Str2(Count) Str2 Split(TempStr " Count Count 1 End If but.

Have you tried this?Line, Area Spline stacked versions, Bubble, Scatter, Polar, Rose, Radar and more Property Grid, Multicolumn.I game would also like to change the bar color for this particular school to Red while game leaving the bars for the other schools Black.When I convert to a pivot chart I want game those values/bars to be games automatically permanently ball assigned a specific color.Change BG color in Wordpad instance.Bar3D, XyBar, StackedBar, StackedBar3D, Line, XyLine, receipt Area, XyArea, Scatter, Bubble, TimeSeries, HighLow, Candlestick, Thermometer, Meter, Gantt and.Scatter, assume 1000 pairs in 2 game columns with values similiar to (12.2,17233). Microsoft Windows is a registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
While I use Excell on a regular basis, about 1 a month, I have not created a chart (graph) in Excell in years.
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For this reason I am subclassing scatter plot in excel 2007 these controls and also have a customized class for List Box.
I would like to change the format of one particular school to Bold Red while leaving the text color of all of the other schools Unbolded and Black.