International students are eligible for these masters scholarships.
Lessons start for all school pupils term on Wednesday 24th April.30am.
Finish: Thursday, inset: term Friday, term.A decision will be taken as soon as possible after the term closing date.In order to take up a scholarship, it will be necessary for an applicant to meet kent all of the conditions specified in their offer of a place on the Kent LLM.Start: Monday, finish: Wednesday 19 December 2018, inset: Friday 23 November 2018.The scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence.The dates of gcses and A Levels exams are published by the awarding school organisations: If you don't know who the exam awarding organisation is you will need to check with your school.Private or independent schools set their own term dates.Ends: Thursday 4th July, pupils are free to leave after the Commemoration service.30pm on Thursday 4th July except 6a leavers and those involved in prizegiving who may leave at 5pm. Finish: Friday, term 5, start: Tuesday dates Finish: Friday, term 6, start: Monday Finish: Tuesday, inset: Wednesday, term.

The University will school be closed over the Christmas period.The scholarships will be open to all overseas applicants term on the LLM programmes offered at the Canterbury campus.Academic Year 2018/19, summer term 2019, begins: Tuesday 23rd April.Two scholarships will be available.Students who are successful in the application will be considered Kent LLM Scholars and will have the opportunity to act as LLM Ambassadors.Half term: Saturday 25th May Sunday 2nd June.The academic year school is split into terms during which the student is expected to engage with study.Any scholarship offered must be firmly accepted within one month of date of offer. Contact your child's school kent term to check when extra days, like staff training days, are.