The Backup Plus Fast garnered an amazing 87,971 points on the PCMark5 disk test, which tests general usage, read/write speeds, app loading times, and.
The drive comes with Seagate Dashboard, a seagate utility that backs up seagate your data, shares pics and videos with social media, and saves pics and video from your social media.The device comes with both a single-plug USB.0 cable and a Y-shaped USB cable for use with laptops that don't provide enough power to spin up the drive.It was only a couple of years ago that portable hard drives with 1TB of space were considered jaw-dropping.While the initial price tag of 269.99 seagate might seem like a lot of money, it actually works out to only about 6 cents per gigabyte.The Backup Plus portable drive from Seagate is the simple way to protect and share your entire digital life-without getting in review the way of the rest of your life.These scores are almost twice that of the G-Drive Mobile USB.0 (123MBps read; 122MBps write) on the Blackmagic test.Sure, solid-state drives (SSDs) are faster, but you can't find SSDs seagate with a 4TB capacity for under 300.That said, the Backup Plus Fast is a lot more portable than desktop-class drives like the.With Backup Plus, you can easily download them right to your drive, so even more of your life is safe and sound.This is a much better value than the 14 india cents per gigabyte on the Seagate Backup Plus and G-Drive Mobile USB.0 (both at 1TB).Thus the drive is potentially even faster with a Thunderbolt adapter, but we understand why Seagate chose the more ubiquitous USB.0 as the drive's sole interface.It's also a great auxiliary drive for media set-top boxes or network-attached storage (NAS) india routers that have drive sharing built-in. Changing your connectivity is as easy as plugging in a new adapter.

The drive's high speed and untuk throughput ensure that you won't be waiting long to copy or view your files.So even when you upgrade, your Backup Plus game drive boys can upgrade right along with you.For all games these reasons, the Seagate Backup Plus Fast is our new Editors' Choice for portable drives.This is even faster than the ioSafe Rugged bully Portable SSD (25,101) and the Seagate Backup Plus (6,463).Enter Seagate's Backup Plus Fast (269.99 a portable USB.0 drive with a prodigious 4TB of drive space.The Backup Plus portable drive goes where you go, providing easy, plug-and-play backups.So you know that no matter where life happens your memories are club always protected.It's a little chunkier than other portable drives, like the Editors' Choice.The latter makes a lot of sense for a 4TB drive, since graphics arts users with Macs and professional workstations are prime candidates for humungous storage devices.All this earns it our latest Editors' Choice for portable external hard drives.Introduction, the Backup Plus 1 TB is an external hard disk drive from game Seagate. This drive will hold more than 1,000 movies, tens of thousands of songs or pictures, as well as everything on untuk your PC's C: drive, and then some.
The ioSafe Rugged Portable is a closer match in physical size.