starcraft ii patch 1.4.4

Added Disable Observers map option, which patch prevents players from becoming observers in the game lobby.
Only allow friends to send me chat messages.
Balance: protoss, phoenix, a patch new upgrade has been added to the Fleet Beacon: Anion Pulse-Crystals.
Data Editor Data Editor UI has been reorganized for a better workflow.Actors that are copied now get an ActorCopy message upon construction rather than an ActorCreation message, so that client data can distinguish between the two scenarios.Ghost, snipe damage changed from 45 to 25 (25 vs Psionic).The Base Camera and Jump to Location hotkeys can no longer be patch used while the game is paused.The Gain Level trigger event will now dispatch multiple starcraft times if starcraft the amount of XP gained results in multiple levels being awarded.Fixed starcraft an issue which caused FFA games to reset the progress of the Team Hot Streak achievement.Patch.4.4, edit, starCraft II: Wings of Liberty - Patch.4.4 July.Terrain Editor Added view patch setting for displaying terrain object names. Currently supported fields are: BackgroundImage, BorderImage, MovieFrame, ModelLink, UseTransition.

The cost of Upgrade Shields keyboard Level 2 has been decreased to 225/225, down from 300/300.This designer upgrade increases Phoenix weapon range.Syntax highlighting for galaxy script and XML data can now be disabled.Fixed an issue that caused the game to have blocker missing icons and images on low end graphics cards.Terran Barracks Build time increased from 60.EPM values interbase displayed on the Leader Board are calculated by book counting interbase only actual commands issued by the player (Effective Actions Per Minute). Commands that have no charges home left will display a 0 instead of just hiding the number.