Unlike many automotive art and design books on the chicken market today, Vance chooses to not only showcase his own unique designs, chicken but also his peers with which many are accomplished professional designers in the community as well.
Tavis Highlander, john Frye, charlie Decker, mark Jones.Head over to the book's website, HotRodArtBook, to order yourself a copy.Be the first to write a review ».It comes with the same great content along with a few new addtions, plus the 2 hrs of instructional video about drawing cars.Chicken scratch masters is masters something we've all done in the margins of our homework, but Dwayne Vance has scratch mastered the skill, evidenced by his self-published new book, ".I talk about different techniques I use and different programs I use to finish my designs.Eric Black is a professional Architect by trade and he has moved into hot rod design, scratch amazing talent.Here is the link for the Digital Download /1qsWcrk, all of the artist featured in here come from diffrent backgrounds. Vance has fulfilled a lifetime of dreams that chicken would delight any aspiring automotive designer and make the most seasoned of them jealous with stops at Mattel, designing wild and crazy concepts for both the Hot Wheels and Batman toy lines.

These are crossfire just a few of crossfire verbonden the stories of song the artist featured in the book.Comes complete with decorative box.Masters of Chicken Scratch manages to be two things at once First and foremost, a reference of some of the best hot rod artists and designers currently practicing the craft and also a helpful instructional tool epub with an song included CD feature drawing instruction by Vance.Prior to designing the small 1:64 scale toys, he spent some time practicing his craft by designing real rods.If you dont know what weta is they are the concept studio that did concept work for Lord of the Rings epub and now The Hobit movie plus several other blockbuster movies. This is not just an art book though it also comes with a DVD that is 2hrs and of instructional tutorials on Drawing and rendering cars by Dwayne Vance.
Example of one of the videos that comes with the book.