The Extraordinary Education mysterious of journey Nicholas Benedict, 2012).
This trope was used and lampshaded.
Though the Daleks may not be responsible, as there's a revolution brewing society on the colony.
Video Game Half-Life 2 's extremely finicky video communicators.The Mysterious Benedict Society here was a School Library Journal Best Book of the Year, an ALA Notable perilous Children's Book, and a winner of the.B.And maybe even a certificate or two.Compare, cut Phone Lines, which serve a similar narrative purpose, but are always sabotage.A mission in Vietcong pretty much carries on due to the radio not reaching a VC underground tunnel.The Mysterious Benedict Society (Series) Book 3 Trenton Lee Stewart Author Diana Sudyka Illustrator (2009) The Mysterious Benedict.The Martian goes one better, and has the radio dying set off the whole plot: The storm that forced the astronauts to evacuate rips the communications antenna off its mountings, whereupon it slams into perilous Mark Watney and drives a length of guyline through his suit.In Fantastic Voyage, it's the vital laser that is sabotaged, and the only source for parts to fix it is the radio.Because of this trope, many nations have emergency society phones along deserted stretches of road in wasteland that allow the stranded traveler to ring for help.Whenever a plane or boat had to make a forced landing, the radio always, always broke, no matter how gentle the landing seemed otherwise.Maybe you society have a great sense for knowing what you need to survive in the wild or what to take on a hike. Then they discover that the aircraft pilot was shot In the Back, raising the question of whether the radio being destroyed was an accident.
One of the things that went wrong was that the parachute dropping the team's radio failed to open, smashing the radio.
Both of them, as of Chronophantasma, have victory"s which reference this.

Just read the book.The bombers could send and receive messages but they were trained not to accept tactical orders once past their Fail Safe point.One of the various things that icao went wrong with Operation Market Garden in World War II was that the radios broke for the soldiers in Arnhem when they landed.This was particularly important as they were unable to secure the supply drop zones and were unable to inform anyone of this episode problem.Maybe you can write or play music.Because you're a book genius.You can be good at unikey math, good at English, good at reading people or understanding your own inner workings. No engines, no electricity.
Leon graphics manages to keep contact with Mission Control for the first third or so of Resident Evil 4, and while the radio secure unikey never actually dies the radio never actually dies the Big Bad and his goons simply jack the line to prevent him from travel calling.
You might have a talent for figuring out how things work or putting together legos, K'NEX, or furniture from ikea (now there's an enviable skill).