tools ml starting year 1.3

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Note: T Model Builder is currently in Preview.
After evaluating your model, move on to the Code step.Download and starting add data Download the Wikipedia detox year dataset and save it as in the myMLApp directory you starting created.To starting build.NET apps you need to download and install the.NET SDK (Software Development Kit).Note that for larger datasets, you should set a longer year training time.Open a terminal and run the following commands: Terminal sudo rpm -Uvh tools Install the.NET SDK Update the products available for installation, then install the.NET SDK. In your myMLApp app, install the T NuGet package.
Now that you've used Model Builder for Sentiment starting Analysis, tools you can try other scenarios.

Your consumeModelApp console app) by following these steps: From your series consumeModelApp, add a reference to mods the generated library project (del).In the Reference Manager, check del and select.Add data In Model Builder, you can add data from a local file or connect to a SQL Server database.Replace the code in example your consumeModelApp with the following code: work using System; using del.Now that you've used the T CLI for Sentiment Analysis, you can try other scenarios.Create your app Open Visual Studio and create a new.NET Core console app: Select Create a new project from the Visual Studio start window (VS 2019 or File - New - Project (VS 2017).Pick a scenario To generate your model, you need to select your machine learning scenario.After the T CLI selects the best time model, it will display the Experiment clinical Results, which shows you a summary of the exploration process, including how analysis many models were explored and the top 5 models that were found in the given time. Select File as the input data source in the drop-down, and in Select a file find and select Under Column to predict (Label), select "Sentiment." The Label is what you are predicting, which in this case is the Sentiment found in the first column.
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Evaluate your model After Model Builder selects the best model, it will take you to the Evaluate step, which shows you various output, including how many models were explored and the ML task (in this case binary classification) Model Builder also displays the top.