voronoi plugin 3ds max

The Post Tab allows you to voronoi quickly iterate by removing or hiding fragmentation layers.
The Fragment Tab contains all the voronoi basic controls for quick plugin and custom fragmentation.
Version: 1 download This voronoi script allow you to create Voronoi cells based on any object vertex cloud or any particle system.These are just minor gripes though, because once you get used to the interface, voronoi experimenting is easy and a lot of fun.And finally, the Utilities plugin Tab allows you to clean plugin up your fractured geometry.This script breaks any mesh while preserving its volume. The Pro Tab allows you to use helpers and existing scene geometry to fragment your objects.
All jokes aside though, this script has a lot to offer in terms of functionality.

(please dont use hi-res meshes if you persuasori dont want to get games a kiss damn-long processing).If you've ever used RayFire, Advanced Fragmenter will definitely look familiar.Attachment, size, fractureVoronoi_.85 KB, fractureVoronoi_.67.Custom fragmentation is a breeze thanks to a dedicated interface in the Modifiers Tab, where you can tweak and clone your slicing geometry by adding modifiers via a custom interface.One could say a fair amount of design decisions regarding the interface (and some other features) have been "inspired" by its commercial counterpart.You can use any geometry or particle systems.For example, part of installing the script requires copying some icons to a hidden persuasori system (sub)folder.You can easily just break up your geometry in a certain amount of chunks or really get down and dirty with the look you're after by using a custom cutter shape.Additional windows Info: 1) Download script 2) Run it via menu edition MaxScript Run Script or DragAndDrop it on 3dsmax viewport 3) Choose Pick container Mesh button and click on the mesh you want to become cells container. This occulti is great for when rain you need precise control of how the fragments should look.

The Advanced Tab has options for creating bullet holes, down to the creation and voronoi plugin 3ds max control of a custom shape for the holes themselves.
This script based on fracture voronoi script by garp.