Like I said, I'm paranoid when it comes to that particular subject.
SP3a updates for msde include updates and windows new installations for the database components of instances of the SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine, including: The Desktop data engine.I repeated my testing when the public version of Service Pack 3 came out just to be sure nothing had changed.Let me give an example.The Network installation includes all of the Windows 2000 SP3 files needed for installation on windows Windows 2000 Professional, Server, Advanced Server, and Windows 2000 with Server Appliance Kit.An administrator doesn't have to defined a linked server windows connection prior to the query being windows executed.Now you can define a password and any login added by this stored procedure will automatically be set to that password.Because there are so many changes, this article will only focus on the security changes windows with the exception of those related to replication, because I'll cover all the replication changes in a forthcoming article.Not all steps are required, depending on which of the following SQL Server 2000 components or configurations to which the service pack is being applied.The syntax of xp_sqlagent_msx_account is: exec xp_sqlagent_msx_account N'SET' N'GET' N'DEL N' domain N' user N' password ' The domain parameter is reserved for future use.Cnet, news, best Apps, popular windows Apps, home.Selecting a language below will dynamically change the complete page content to that language.However, with SP 3 the save to Meta Data Services is disabled by default, though you can turn.There was no way to cross from one database to another and maintain the ownership full chain.If you want Microsoft to receive such a report, check the box. If you decide not to go with Error reporting, keep in mind you can always turn.
There are significant changes in it and they apply to all three products: the core SQL Server, msde, and Analysis.

More detailed instructions can be full found at the Product Support vehicle Services Readme.Previously, these logins were created without a password.With the addition of Windows authentication to multi-server administration comes a new extended stored procedure: xp_sqlagent_msx_account.If it can, the log file will be written.Typical download times for the Network installation: All Platforms: 124mb, sheet recommended for multiple-computer installation. I'll go down the list in the same order as full they are presented game in the Readme.
Since both objects map back to SA as the owner and astro both databases are set to use cross-database ownership chaining, SQL Server won't check the permissions when this user queries against ViewSecrets and it crosses over to the Private database.
Back up your Analysis class Services databases.

Figure 1: Prompted to set SA password.
No Internet connection windows server 2000 sp3 full required during installation of Windows 2000 SP3 with this method.